We help eCommerce companies to generate more sales at lower-costs by optimizing Product Feeds, Segmentation and Strategic Bidding.

Why Product Listings Ads?

  • High-Conversion Rates
  • Low-Cost per Conversions
  • Boost your Sales

In a competitive eCommerce space, the question is how to continue with low margin, high volume and generate more revenues. Majority of eCommerce companies are looking for measurable low-cost, easy-to-use advertising models and do not want to spend more on online advertising platforms. In this situation, Product Listing Ads is the ideal choice for higher Returns over Advertising Spends.

What We Do

  • Get More Sales
  • Control Your Budget
  • Stop Wasting Your Money
  • Reduce Cost per Acquisition
  • Drive Low-Cost Search Engine Targeting Traffic

Why Hire Us


We have been on eCommerce marketing for 14 years helping you compete on Internet and converting your visitors into your customers.

Real Results

At last, only profitability counts. Our data-driven approach helps you spending less on advertising and generates highest revenues.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied and we work continuously to grow your sales and surpass your expectations.

Client Success

Scent and Sprays
  • Industry: Home Decor
  • Country: USA
  • Platform:BigCommerce

Traffic increase of 68.47%

Cost per Click drop of 34.20%

Sales Number increase of 109.38%

Sales Revenue increase of 101.60%

What We Do Differently?

We Grow your eCommerce Sales with Performance-driven PLA Marketing.

Feed Validation

Submit feeds multiple times in a month, check feed data and fix every error to ensure that Google has accurate and error-free data.

Product Data Optimization

Optimize Title of products' pages adding user intended search terms and increase maximum visibility.

Keywords Optimization

Monitor your search queries data and update negative keywords list so you will get shopping traffic all the time.

Product Classification

Group your products by categories, top-selling items, products-based, performance-based and more.

Strategic Bidding

Bid strategically by top-selling items, high/low margin items, order values and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Track eCommerce data in Google Analytics for reporting, analyze for bidding adjustments and behavior targeting.

Not Satisfied With Your Cuttent Results?

Do you want us to review your Compainges?

Our Approach

Audinece Targeting

We improve shopping campaign ad spend efficiency across the entire product catalog by running negative keywords and tweaking bids by time of day (ad scheduling), different locations (geo-targeting), and various consumer devices (mobile adjustments). It maximizes your products' visibility in your target audience.


We've Helped eCommerce Clients Across a Range of Industries

Google PLA Management Fees

One-time setup services One-time fees Completion
Product Data Analysis and Setup
  • Feed validation
  • Product data optimization
  • Product categorization
  • Custom labels
  • Goals & tracking setup
  • Google only: $195.00
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo: $295.00
30 working days
Monthly management services Monthly fees
  • Constant feed monitoring and error fixing
  • On-going data optimization
  • Ad-scheduling
  • Geo-targeting
  • Strategic bidding
  • Weekly Reporting & Analytics
  • Google only: $175.00
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo!: $250.00
Month to month bases

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