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YOUR GOAL To secure visibility of your online product ads online in order to increase traffic, sales and ROI.
THE PROBLEM Your online store sells hundreds or thousands of products, making it hard for you to stay on top of the constantly and selling items.
YOUR CHALLENGES Automatic Products Feed: eCommerce companies who manage their feeds through readymade extensions and software but not results into low-cost conversions and higher ROIs. Start Selling Instantly: You’ve launched new eCommerce store or existing store and tried with too long SEO and other marketing channels but not generating sales. Equity: Not your every item is high-margin and you want to sell it more; at the same time you want to promote discounted items and low-margin products but manage all together in a budget.

Client Success

Scent and Sprays
  • Industry: Home Decor
  • Country: USA
  • Platform:BigCommerce

Traffic increase of 68.47%

Cost per Click drop of 34.20%

Sales Number increase of 109.38%

Sales Revenue increase of 101.60%

Shopping Feed Optimization

Feed Optimization

Major feeds are not performing to its utmost capacity due to lacking of customization. In industry, managing feeds through ready extension or download from a database is the common practice. This way, you send raw data to search engines with lot of junk code includes HTML tags, default product Title and Description. That results into not showing your ads for targeting search terms all the time and wasting your money on non-shopping traffic.

We will optimize your data feed for maximum visibility and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns for maximum ROI. We customize your Title, Meta description, eliminate all junk code and clean your entire feed for submission.

Product Categorization

Search Engines uses product categories to help users find products most related to their interests. It can increase the chances that your products will be included in relevant categories by using the 'google product category' and 'product type' attributes. We segment products into groups based on attributes for targeting such as category, product type, brand and condition.

Custom Labels

Effective custom labels will significantly improve sales volume through increased reach and the targeting of low-funnel, action-oriented customers. Custom labels allow monitoring, report and bidding within campaigns without altering how shoppers see your products. We will define custom labels by season, price point, clearance or sale, performance and more.

Feed Submission

Search Engines likes Freshness and Accurate information with latest inventory and pricing. We will send to Google accurate feed data about your products frequently and consistently.

Mobile Optimization

We consistently see the ROI on desktop traffic to be higher than that of mobile traffic, and so we isolate Mobile traffic from Desktop. Breaking mobile traffic out into its own ad group/campaign can afford you great control over mobile bids at the brand, category, custom label, and even product-level. More specifically, breaking it out into its own separate campaign will allow for budgeting, geo-targeting, and scheduling to be adjusted only for that traffic.

Geo Targeting

There's no reason you should be paying the same amount for a click at 2AM as one that occurs at 6PM, given that the data shows that you have a lower conversion rate in the middle of the night. You have products in demand from specific areas, weather conditions and seasonality. We separate products and set campaigns by locations and time based on your campaign performance.

Strategic Bidding

Setting up default bidding is common in feed management which directly affects to your revenues. Consider you have inventory of low value and high value price. Since default bidding is set for both values and because of low value items have maximum searches major your entire budget spent here. This could results into good sales but low revenues. The same thing implies for geographic locations and devices.

We analyze your data and adjust bids based on a percentage for how much more/less aggressive they want to be specific by the locations, categories, brands, pricing, custom labels, sale, devices and shopping performance.

Keywords Optimization

The typical usage of negative keywords is simply meant to disqualify your products/ campaign from showing up for a specific search query. We check search queries data and keep adding keywords in negative group and isolate them from potential search traffic

Reporting & Analytics

We use Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking to allow us to identify the exact transactional value from each sale that our Google AdWords campaigns generate. With this information we can optimize your Google AdWords campaigns towards higher ROI instead of solely focusing on CPC, CTR or clicks.

Paid Advertising

Dynamic Remarketing

We use Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking to allow us to identify the exact transactional value from each sale that our Google AdWords campaigns generate. With this information we can optimize your Google AdWords campaigns towards higher ROI instead of solely focusing on CPC, CTR or clicks.

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Display Advertising

  • Google_Display_Ads
  • Fbfeed

Brand advertising campaigns help you to outreach your products and message in exact audience. Whether holidays, festivals or seasons arriving, special offers or new products promotions, display advertising is the right marketing channel to reach your customers. You have to pay only when visitors click on your ad, so display ads is one of the cost-effective ways to build brand awareness online.

Pay per Click Management

Lift your brand awareness with Search Text Ads in Google, Bing & Yahoo! We manage our clients' PPC campaigns to drive traffic and sales from their competitors' searches and secure traffic on brand search terms.

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  • Bing

Our Approach

Audinece Targeting

We improve shopping campaign ad spend efficiency across the entire product catalog by running negative keywords and tweaking bids by time of day (ad scheduling), different locations (geo-targeting), and various consumer devices (mobile adjustments). It maximizes your products' visibility in your target audience.


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